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TSP Contracting is a one-stop general repair service serving commercial clients.

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    Commercial and industrial facilities require continuous maintenance all year round. You need different companies to complete different projects: installation and repair of plumbing systems, roofing, flooring, and other exterior and interior elements.

    As a property manager, you probably spend plenty of time finding the right general contractor for your projects every time you need to get something done. What if you find a general contractor that offers a complete range of contracting services: construction, renovation, repair, remodeling, remediation, etc.,?

    It will save you time and money. If you want to partner up with such a company, you’re at the right place. At TSP Contracting, we offer general repair services to help you address property management issues with great ease. Let’s talk about your project!


    Why Choose TSP Contracting?

    • Timely and cost-efficient project completion
    • Environment-friendly services
    • Time-tested, certified professionals
    • Excellent reviews
    • Servant leadership
    • 24/7 emergency services

    We provide realistic cost estimates

    It is helpful to know the cost of a project upfront. Calculating the cost of a project the right way will make it easier for you to adjust your budget and set the right expectations. TSP Contracting enables you to get a free quote. Moreover, you can call us or drop an email if you want to discuss your project in detail!