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Let’s renovate your commercial space in a way that reflects your personality and meet your needs in a budget-friendly fashion.

TSP Contracting is your dream office renovation team

You have to consider so many things when it comes to renovating a commercial space. Starting from your needs and budget, plenty of factors can impact your decision to implement a specific renovation plan. As a professional commercial renovation contractor in Virginia, we’re good at understanding your office renovation projects and expectations.

We listen well and then develop the right renovation plan that ensures cost-efficient and on-time completion of your project. Our rich experience in the renovation industry enable us to recommend the right materials and ideas. Let’s work together to materialize your office renovation dream. Request your FREE quote right now!

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    Affordable office renovation and repair services

    Renovating an existing office or adding a work space or anoy other component to your commercial office building is a major investment. If the need for more space is pressing or you need to restore the originality of yoru property, feel free to contact us.

    A renovation project can be anywhere from minor paint jobs, lighting, roofing repair, or flooring upgrade to major additions. Regardless of your needs, we’ll be happy to guide you and give you cost estimates to better plan your project. If you want to learn more about our renovation services in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC., feel free to contact us!


    Why Choose TSP Contracting?

    • Timely and cost-efficient project completion
    • Environment-friendly services
    • Time-tested, certified professionals
    • Excellent reviews
    • Servant leadership
    • 24/7 emergency services

    Not sure about the cost?

    The cost of your project really depends on what kind of services you need or which type of professionals you need to get your project done. So, we encourage you to give us a quick call or drop an email to discuss your project in detail. Our experts would love to give you a free quote based on the services you need.