Different Types Of Property Maintenance

September 20, 2022

Different Types Of Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a broad term that covers so many small and large jobs. Most homeowners think that a property maintenance service is limited to some emergency services such as flood cleanups and damage restoration.

On the contrary, property maintenance involves everything from HVAC and electrical to handyman and carpentry. A property maintenance contractor will be happy to install door windows or repair/replace gutters.

As a property manager, you need to have a solid plan and should be aware of the types of property maintenance that need to be performed to keep your commercial property in great shape.

For example, you should have a list of all the activities that cover regular maintenance. Likewise, you need to have a corrective maintenance plan. Let’s take a detailed look at various types of property maintenance.

Regular Maintenance

Regular or planned maintenance is about regular inspections and fixing minor problems as they start showing signs. You can easily plan these activities ahead of time. For example, you can ask your plumbing staff to conduct a weekly inspection. Or, your painting team can inspect the interior and exterior paint once every six months.

Your regular maintenance plan should also cover preventive maintenance for major cooling and heating system. Regular maintenance is less expensive as compared to corrective or emergency maintenance. Property managers that invest in the regular inspection are more likely to avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

We recommend you hire a property maintenance contractor that could inspect and maintain your property all year round in a professional way. This way, you don’t have to hire a team of plumbers, technicians, electricians, carpenters, and other professionals.

Corrective maintenance

Several systems within your property need repairs and replacements. Corrective maintenance involves identifying and fixing an issue in order to restore equipment. We can say that these are low-priority but important tasks. Issues you resolve during corrective maintenance don’t put your employees or tenants at risk.

However, the efficiency or speed of your corrective maintenance plan may impact the renter’s experience. Therefore, it’s important to remove operational inefficiencies from your maintenance plan and get things done quickly and professionally.

Emergency maintenance

As the name suggests, emergency maintenance is when you have to handle a situation as soon as possible. Situations like flooding, plumbing leakages, fire, mold, and mildew should be handled immediately. In case your property has any of these problems, call an emergency damage restoration company to take preventive and remediation measures.

At TSP Contracting, we help property managers deal with emergency damage restoration. Whether you have a fire, mold, or flooding, we have all the tools and equipment to repair and restore your property in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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