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We offer full-service painting services to homeowners in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Fill out our simple form to request a cost estimate for your project!

Let TSP Contracting Transform Your Home’s Exterior

At TSP Contracting, we understand that painting the exterior of your home can be a daunting task. That's why we offer professional exterior painting services in Virginia that will not only save you time and effort but also ensure a high-quality and long-lasting finish. Our team of experienced painters has the knowledge, tools, and techniques to tackle any exterior painting project, big or small. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective services, leaving your home with a refreshed and polished look.

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    Transparent & Efficient Exterior Painters Virginia

    We prioritize transparency and honesty in our pricing. We make sure our clients are aware of all costs involved before starting a project, avoiding any unexpected or hidden fees. Also, we value punctuality, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction in all of our projects. We understand the importance of staying on schedule and budget, and we ensure to leave the work environment as clean as it was before we arrived to respect the client's space. Let us take care of the hard work, while you sit back and enjoy the results. Request a free quote or call us to discuss your exterior painting needs.


    Key parts of our residential painting services

    • Surface preparation
    • Priming the surface
    • Painting two coats on walls and ceiling
    • Touch up of missed spots
    • Renovation

    Your Home’s Exterior Need a New Coat of Paint

    Are you wondering if it's time to give your exterior walls a new coat of paint? If the paint has lost its luster, if it's covered in fingerprints and smudges, or if it's starting to crack or chip, then it's probably time for a makeover. Colors change over time and what may have looked great years ago might now look dull or outdated. So if you're seeing signs that your exterior walls need some attention, don't wait any longer - give them a fresh look with some new paint! Contact us for professional residential painting services in Virginia, VA!