Residential Fire Damage Restoration Services

We’re a general contracting company offering full-service fire damage restoration services in Fairfax Virginia and other cities in Maryland and Washington.

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    Fire damage restoration in Fairfax Virginia and other cities in Maryland and Washington

    Fire can seriously damage a structure’s interior. If the fire has damaged your house and there’s a good chance it can be restored, we’ll be happy to send a team of restoration professionals and get your house restored in an affordable and efficient way.

    Fire smoke is no doubt acidic and carcinogenic. It corrodes and stains almost any surface including paint, wood, etc. In most cases, techniques used to distinguish fire cause damage.

    For example, the use of water on a surface can damage its integrity and aesthetics. No matter what happens to your property, we’ll do our best to restore it to its original form and shape.


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    To make things easier, our restoration experts will generate a free cost estimate based on the nature of your project. So, we will be happy to have a call and discuss your fire damage restoration project. Fire and smoke can travel surprisingly far through a structure. However, we have the tools and experience to track it. Feel free to request a quote right now!