Things To Know When You Have A Small Kitchen

January 26, 2023

Things To Know When You Have A Small Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of household activity, and it’s important that it is both efficient and functional. Unfortunately, many homeowners, particularly those in older homes, struggle with small kitchen spaces that just can’t seem to meet their needs. Tearing out the kitchen and starting fresh with a full remodel might seem like the only solution.

But, before you jump into a costly renovation, there are alternatives to consider that can improve the functionality of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Our kitchen remodeling experts explain how to save on small kitchen remodeling costs while still maximizing the space. 

They shared some clever and cost-effective solutions that can make a big difference in your kitchen’s functionality and overall feel. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, there are options to consider before taking on a full-scale remodel.

What is considered a small kitchen?

According to our kitchen remodeling experts, there isn’t a strict definition of a small kitchen. If it feels small to you, then it qualifies as a small kitchen. If you find that you have difficulty storing your everyday kitchen essentials or have trouble accommodating multiple cooks at once, it’s likely that you have a smaller-sized kitchen.

Is it necessary to eliminate some items from a small kitchen?

Our kitchen remodeling experts say, “Not at all.” There are plenty of creative ways to improve the functionality of your kitchen without sacrificing your necessities. Utilizing wall space for storage is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of cabinetry. Installing compact kitchen appliances can also help maximize your kitchen’s potential. The key is to make every space functional and serve a purpose for your everyday cooking routine.

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How can you entertain guests from a small kitchen?

We believe that having a small kitchen doesn’t limit you from entertaining guests. Keeping countertops as clear as possible and deep-cleaning the kitchen before guests arrive can make the space feel more open and inviting. 

Serving food in courses is another way to entertain in a smaller kitchen, and cleaning up as you go in between each course helps prevent clutter. Preparing your space and food in an efficient manner by removing any non-essential items can also make it easier to host guests.

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How can you make a small kitchen feel larger?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your kitchen feel larger. Utilizing wall space for storage and decorating with visually pleasing items like cooking utensils and mugs can create the illusion of a larger kitchen while also maximizing your space.

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